We are located at 3502 Excel Dr #103, Medford, OR 97504

A private members only club. Southern Oregon Poker Club is a fun, safe place to play poker. We don't tolerate bad behavior and we are here to promote the beautiful game of poker. We also are here to teach it to anyone willing to learn the game and have special nights for beginners. Come on down and join today!

At Southern Oregon Poker Club we spread a variety of Texas Hold'Em games. Our most popular is our nightly $.50/1 NL. We also spread a 3/5 NL, 1/3 NL, and 5/10 NL game. WE have tournaments as well. Click on the schedule link below or on the menu bar for a full listing.

We are under new management. For more information about our founder, Damien Rennie, please visit our management page! MANAGEMENT


We run all kinds of promotions monthly. To see this months click on our promotions page!


Playing Poker Is Fun!

House Rules

We have a few rules that we follow in our room to ensure the safety and well being of our patrons. Please read and abide by them. Thank you!


Bad Beat Hit!!